User Agreement

Thank you for choosing payment service! Please carefully read the User agreement below.

1. General provisions:

1.1 this User Agreement (hereinafter - Agreement) refers to the Site located at

1.2 this Agreement governs the relationship between the Administration of the Site (hereinafter - the website Administration) and the User of this Website.

1.3 the Text of this User Agreement, continuously posted on the Website contains all the essential terms of the public offer. Your creation of an account or using any Service, is an acknowledgement that You have read, understand and fully accept the terms of the existing User Agreement with subsequent modifications, amendments and supplements thereto.

1.4 Proper acceptance of this offer is the implementation of the following steps:

1.4.1 familiarization with the terms of this Agreement and all its annexes;

1.4.2 making valid and relevant information, including a genuine email address, located in the tab "registration";

1.4.3 affixing the required mark in a special field under the heading "I accept the agreement" in the registration form;

1.4.4 press the button "register" after filling in the registration form;

1.4.5 to the specified email address the User will be automatically sent an email containing confidential data, including password, and these data will be momentarily displayed in the User's personal account for future preservation.

After the User clicks "register" and the emergence of a special message about the successful registration process is completed, and the terms of this User Agreement be for the registered User required.

2. Definitions of terms:

In this Agreement these terms shall have the following meaning, unless the text indicates otherwise:

2.1 the agreement is the User Agreement.

2.2 website (payment service) that contains information about services and By enabling a range of services.

2.3 the website User (hereinafter the User) - a person having access to the Site via the Internet and using the site.

2.4. the site Administration is the authorized employees on site management.

2.5 the Ticket - is a function of the system, allowing to clearly identify the user, intended for direct and fast communications between users registered on this Website, and the Administration of this website.

2.6 Chat (feedback form) is a function of the system, intended for direct and instant messaging between Internet User and the Administration of this website.

2.7 Cryptocurrency - peer-to-peer electronic currency that does not have a unified Central Issuer and is distributed directly to the holders of such currency.

2.8 FIATA currency - money issued by the government, some at the legislative level as legal tender in the country of its release.

2.9 Rates - interest charge in favor of, for appropriate services rendered.

2.10 Personal account - a set of protected pages created as a result of User registration on the website.

2.11 the Site is a collection of information, texts, graphical elements, design, images, photos, videos and other results of intellectual activity, and a set of computer programs contained in the information system ensuring availability of such information at

3. Subject Of The Agreement:

3.1 the Subject of this Agreement is granting the User access to information contained on the website information.

3.2 Under this Agreement are subject to all existing (functioning) at the moment services (services) Site, as well as any subsequent modifications appearing in the future, additional (service).

3.3 access to the site is provided free of charge.

3.4 this Agreement is a public offer. By accessing the Website the User accepts this Agreement.

4. The rights and obligations of the parties:

4.1. the site Administration has the right:

4.1.1 to change the rules of use of the Website and change the content of this website. The changes will come into force from the moment of posting the revised Agreement on the Website.

4.1.2 delete the user's account, including all information, without the possibility of recovery if the account has not been active for more than 365 days. The funds are transferred in favor of the site administration and can be used by it at its own discretion. All accounts that have been inactive for more than two years at the time of publication of the user agreement update will be deleted on April 1, 2024. For all other inactive accounts, the last activity period will be counted from March 22, 2024. The date of publication of this edit is March 22, 2024.

4.2 the user has the right:

4.2.1 use of all Site services.

4.2.2 ask questions relating to the services of the website via live chat, feedback form or ticket.

4.2.3 demand from the Administration site hide sensitive information about the User.

4.3 the User of the website agrees:

4.3.1 to provide upon request of site Administration additional information that is relevant to the services provided by this website.

4.3.2 to comply with the economic and moral rights of authors and other copyright holders when using the Site.

4.3.3 do not take actions that could be considered as violating the normal functioning of the website.

4.3.4 do not distribute on the Website any confidential information.

4.3.5 to avoid any action, which may be a violation of the confidentiality of the information.

4.3.6 not to use the Site for distribution of advertising information, except with the permission of the Administration of the site, with the exception of affiliate (referral) program.

5. Responsible parties:

5.1 Any loss that User may incur in case of intentional or reckless violation of any provision of this Agreement, as well as unauthorized access to the communications of another User, administration of the website does not reimburse.

5.2 the site Administration is not responsible for:

5.2.1 delays or failures in the process of transaction arising due to force majeure, or any malfunction in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.

5.2.2 actions of transfer systems, banks, payment systems and the delays associated with their work.

5.2.3 the improper functioning of the Website in case the User does not have sufficient technical means for its use and shall have no obligation to provide such means.

6. Changing the terms of the Agreement:

6.1 the service reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms of use, privacy Policy, tariffs (fees). Such amendments shall enter into force upon publication of the new version of the relevant documents.

6.2 Upon each subsequent visit to the Site, before using a personal account, the User undertakes to read the terms, privacy Policy, tariffs (fees). Your continued use of the Website will signify your assent to the terms of the new version of the relevant documents.

6.3 If the User does not agree with the terms of the new version of the Agreement, privacy Policy, fees (commissions), then the User must stop using the Website.

7. Intellectual property:

7.1. The site contains intellectual property owned by the Administration of the site, its affiliates and other related parties.

7.2. By using the site. The user acknowledges and agrees that the content and structure of the Site content is protected by copyright and other rights to results of intellectual activity, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, on all media and in respect of all technologies currently available, and developed or created in the future. Any rights to content of Website and system, are transferred to the User resulting from the use of the Website and system or Agreement.

7.3. In order to avoid misinterpretation of the respective violations users are prohibited from:

7.3.1 to copy and/or distribute any intellectual property posted on the Website, except in cases when such function is directly assumed operating conditions on the Website.

7.3.2 copy or otherwise use the software from the Website, as well as the design.

7.3.3 to post on the Website personal data of third parties without their consent.

7.3.4 change in any way the program part of the Site, to take actions aimed at changing the functioning and efficiency of the Website.

7.3.5 use of abusive and violate the rights and freedoms of third persons and groups of persons words as a login (nickname, alias) when registering.

8. Final provisions:

8.1 dispute Resolution:

8.1.1 site administration has the right without notice to terminate and/or block access to the website if a User has breached this Agreement or contained in other documents of the terms of use and in the event of termination of the Site or there are other technical problems or concerns.

8.1.2 in case of any differences or disputes between the Parties to this Agreement is a mandatory condition of filing emails (circulation), containing the essence of the claim and settling a dispute.

8.1.3 the recipient claims within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt, notify the applicant electronically of the treatment on the outcome of the claim.

8.2 the administration of the Site does not accept suggestions from Users regarding changes to this Agreement.

The date of the last edit is 03/22/2024